Project Description

Controlling motor vehicle access to public places

Councils and other organisations are finding the low-maintenance, robust and reliable Sliding Road Beam perfect for managing four-wheeled access to their parks and open spaces.

The Sliding Road Beam (SRB) was developed as a result of discussions with Wellington City Council. Parks staff were concerned about the anti-social behaviour going on in some of their parks and sportsgrounds after normal hours. We designed the SRB as a low-maintenance vehicle barrier with a high degree of reliability that would make it particularly suitable for more remote locations. And with a construction so robust that the SRB it is able to withstand all but the most blatant mistreatment.

Councils typically use the SRB to close public parks and reserves overnight, taking advantage of the available technology for remote control by cell phone signal. That’s a big saving in staff time. At Seaview Marina in Lower Hutt, an SRB is in use to manage access to the trailer boat launching ramp. The fee for using the ramp is collected with the inclusion of a card reader in the installation.