The Sliding Road Beam (SRB) was designed and developed for use where there are restrictions on motor vehicle access while pedestrians and bicycle users are freely able to come and go. The SRB is a retractable steel beam cantilevered across a restricted accessway at 800 mm above ground. It can extend up to 4.2 metres and latches into a steel post on the opposite roadside.

Manufacture and full programming in our factory makes the Sliding Road Beam easy and quick to install on small concrete pads then simply wired up for use. The automated vehicle access barrier’s heavy-duty construction makes it vandal-proof, with a 3 mm steel housing for motor and electronics. The outer fixed beam, into which the moving beam fully retracts when the barrier is open, forms an additional barrier structure that is useful in many instances.

The SRB was conceived, designed and is manufactured in New Zealand with reliability and low maintenance in mind. Tough and incredibly strong in its construction, the SRB was developed recognising the need for heavy-duty road barriers in places some distance from regular service routes. The SRB’s electronics and variable-speed motor mean running costs are negligible, and it can be fitted for solar power.

Huge savings occur in the Sliding Road Beam’s labour-saving features. The product can be programmed to open and close at set times with automatic adjustment for daylight saving. Remote control by radio or cellphone is an option, or it can be operated by authorised users with swipe card.

Councils, organisations with large property holdings and agencies of central government are using the robust and reliable Sliding Road Beam. They find it ideal for urban parks and sportsgrounds, and more distant public lands where the SRB’s remote keyless control is a huge benefit for reserve management. It is suitable for car parks and other privately-controlled premises where the focus is on managing vehicle parking and general use without hindering other forms of access.

Download here the Sliding Road Beam Brochure & Specification Sheet.