Effective yet unobtrusive, vehicle barrier gates and arms control staff & customer access and are simple for drivers to negotiate.


Ideal for car parks and other restricted spaces with large traffic volumes, Gateman Parking Barrier and Boom Gates are available with full vehicle detection and card reader capabilities. We have a choice of control units to suit requirements, and gate boom length is supplied to fit your site.

Placemakers automatic barrier arm
As well as these raised-arm barrier gates, we supply and install a range of other automatic parking barrier and vehicle access options that effectively prevent and control vehicle movement to and from parking areas, or places where vehicles are prohibited or restricted.
Automatic Boom Gates closed
Automatic Boom Gates open
Boom Gates provide a double barrier to control traffic in both directions. Ours are of the highest quality with robust working parts for reliability over time. Available in 4m., 6m. & 8.5m lengths, with one-touch programming and driven by 24v Boom motors. Large  LED warning lights fitted on both sides. Boom end supports optional.

Rising Bollards

Automatic Rising Bollards set of 3
Rising bollards do just that. They are automated to rise from and retract into the ground when clear access is required. They offer full control over medium-security vehicle access. Rising bollards are a practical solution where other structures may detract from the area’s visual appeal, or where it is impractical to install gates or barriers.

Cantilevered Beams

Parking barriers cantilevered sliding
Cantilevered sliding beams offer a convenient alternative when requiring car park security equipment that is manageable for staff to operate manually. Spanning widths of up to 5.5 metres when closed, these steel beams on standard cantilever tracks run over high-quality precision support rollers that make manual operation easy.