A selection of our automated sliding gates installed on residential properties.

SL1. Sliding residential gate and matching fence designed to enhance the street appeal of this traditional Kiwi bungalow.
sliding residential automatic wooden gate

SL2. Giving privacy and security with a nice natural finish, this sliding automatic gate has separate vehicle and pedestrian access for safety and convenience.
sliding residential ornate gate

SL3. This on-ground sliding residential gate uses a centurion D3 operator, chain driven to fit into the site’s restricted spaces.
Sliding residential solid wood gate

SL6. A solid wooden driveway gate automated for ease of use and giving the homeowners maximum security and privacy.
Sliding gate at Aotea

SL9. The residential sliding gate above was made to order and installed in the Wellington suburb of Aotea, to the complete satisfaction of the customer.
Residential sliding gate with aluminium slats

SL11. This automatic sliding gate uses 75 x 25mm horizontal aluminium slats to span a 6 metre-wide driveway entrance at a new Wellington residence.
sliding gate diy panels
Sliding gate diy panels
Sliding residential gate clad to match fence

SL7. The sliding gate above, showing both roadside and property-side views, was supplied to the customer as a powder coated frame-only for completion on-site. The owners finished the gate construction  themselves, fitting and painting t&g wooden panels to the installed frame. The result is a very attractive and cost-effective residential automatic gate in this suburban Wellington street.

SL12. This residential sliding gate in Lower Hutt was supplied frame-only for the builder to complete with cladding to match the property’s new front fence. The gate has full automation and opens to a width of 6.5 metres.

Sl15. A character bungalow fronted by residential driveway sliding gate with matching pedestrian access. Metal frames tastefully timber-clad, and it all looks great!

SL16. Another automatic sliding gate that enhances the property’s street frontage while adding a high level of security. This one is finished in an attractive Dulux matt bone white powdercoat.
Sliding gate with A-lign Fencing

SL17. This residential automatic sliding gate was designed for maximum privacy in conjunction with A-lign Fencing®, a product that’s popular due to its pre-cut component system and ease of installation.

SL18. Matching automatic sliding driveway gate and pedestrian swing gate were commissioned for the Lower Hutt property. Aluminium frames were powdercoated to the client’s choice of colour, on which timber cladding was added to mach the existing fence. A high quality photoelectric safety beam was included in the vehicle gate automation.

SL20. This residential automatic sliding gate has PVC panels, an alternative to timber or aluminium cladding.

SL19. The working components of a newly-installed residential automatic sliding gate.
Sliding gate with-fence-palings

SL23. An automatic sliding gate with timber palings that goes with a lot of standard residential fences. A good-looking gate providing full privacy and security that represents an economical home solution.

SL25. Brush panels were used to complete this sliding gate in keeping with the attractive residential garden environment.  The fully automated gate has a powder-coated steel frame and is operated by a DEA FAST24 motor. The gate is shown from the roadside in closed position, and open from inside the property.