Do you require automated gate access for your land or premises?

We provide security gate & access automation solutions for all types of open-space property

Industrial & Commercial

Control access to your premises during working hours and maintain high security when business is closed.


Sliding gates and barriers in a variety of configurations and sizes to suit your industrial & commercial business needs.

Gates for Business

Public Land & Sportsgrounds

Reduce unsociable behaviour in parks and reserves, keeping users safe and community assets protected.

Maintain Safety

Sliding Road Barriers that can be remotely controlled and automatic gates fully customised to fit into your site.

Gates for Parks & Reserves

Lifestyle & Rural

Manage all your property's comings & goings, ensuring livestock and plant stay in, and unwelcome visitors stay out.

Protect Stock

Cantilevered gates designed to slide above uneven or rough terrain, fully automated for convenience in any weather.

Gates for Rural Properties

Residences & Rentals

Maintain your domestic privacy & keep family and possessions secure, while exhibiting a touch of street-side style

Rest Easy

Customised high-quality automatic gate solutions locally designed & made and finished in your choice of colour.

Gates for Residences

Why Choose a Gateman Automatic Gate?

When you buy from Gateman, you are dealing with a New Zealand-owned leader in the field. With a Gateman Automatic Gate, you have a quality product plus the peace of mind our after-sales services provide.

There are many gate options on the Internet. Quality counts – in security, lifecycle cost and street appeal. Choosing a gate partner with history and proven expertise, one that will be there in the future if ever required, is an important consideration!

Our Featured Automatic Gates


About Us

We know gates, and we know gate automation. Since 1990 we have been supplying automatic gates for business premises and residential properties throughout the Wellington region. In that time the market has changed along with the technology, and our products and services have developed accordingly.

If your commercial or farm property needs more security but you wish to keep access and egress simple, if you are a council or public enterprise wanting to improve park and reserve access control, or if you have in mind an eye-catching, easy-to-open automatic gate for your residence, talk to us about our standard automatic gates and barriers, or the customised solution you require.

From concept through design and manufacture to installation and after-sales service, we can supply the automatic gate that’s just right for your property.


What Our Customers Say

Gateman designed & installed a sliding road beam at Hataitai Park for Wellington City Council. The beam has been exactly what we required. It is tough, completely reliable and we’ve had no operating issues. This is definitely the way forward in terms of securing our sites to stop break-ins and vandalism.


Simon’s team installed an SRB barrier arm at the entry to Orongorongo Park. Following the success of these gates I can confidently recommend Gateman. The SRB gate automatically opens and closes at set times, and has the added capability of allowing me to call the gates to open remotely. A great product and we are very happy with our purchase.


We operate in an environment that is hard on gates, and had frequent maintenance issues until we asked Gateman to upgrade our compound access ways. Gateman automatic gates are very robust and can take the wear and tear of constant use 24/7. The company provides fantastic service and is quick to respond on the rare occasions we need to call them in.


I have found Gateman to be extremely professional with excellent workmanship. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with their entire team from management, technicians to sub-contractors and all have been great to work with. From their product recommendations to workmanship, I cannot fault them.


Who Our Customers Are

Amongst our portfolio of satisfied customers, we count many public enterprises and large business operators whose premises work better with our automatic gates and sliding road beams.

These organisations use our products and services because they know we’re there when they need us, they can rely on us to deliver, and they trust us to follow up when needed.

Our work extends beyond supplying and servicing larger corporations and public bodies. Whatever your automatic gate needs, large or small, get in touch. We look forward to discussing your project with you!