Cantilevered automatic gates installed on commercial, industrial and residential sites.

Below is a selection of our Cantilevered gates, designed and fitted to slide clear above the road or driveway, latching when closed into a fixed post or bracket. There are no tracks or wheel, so no need to touch the formed driveway surface for installation, no components to be driven over, and fewer parts requiring maintenance over time.

Gates that cantilever are particularly suitable for placing over unformed tracks with uneven terrain, while they are also seen to advantage where an attractive driveway surface is to be protected from moving parts. As with our automatic sliding gates, the single span and locking mechanisms of cantilevered electric gates makes them superior to swing gates for security and durability.

The Lifestyle Gate is our premier cantilevered product. Other cantilevered gates are designed and manufactured to order, all fitted with motor and activation equipment made to the highest international specifications. Cantilevered gates are suitable for industrial, commercial, residential and rural accessways.

cantilevered automatic gate

C1. A cantilevered automatic gate in open position at the entrance to business premises.
Cantilevered automatic gate residential flats

C2. This cantilevered automatic gate controls the entrance to a large block of commercial flats. Peace of mind for residents, who all have card access.
Cantilevered automatic gate industrial site

C3. Heavy-duty automatic cantilevered gates, hot-dip galvanised for added durability, are used in some of our biggest industrial premises, such as at NZ Oil Services, Lower Hutt.

C4. This  timber-clad automatic cantilevered gate secures the workshop premises at Wellington Zoo. Also shown is the gate’s keypad post.
PWMC cantilevered gate

C5. Petone Working Men’s Club, one of NZ’s largest affiliated clubs, installed an automatically-operated cantilevered steel gate to prevent after-hours car park use.
Preston Cool Stores automatic gate Grenada

C6. This large industrial cantilevered gate at a Wellington Cool Store site uses link chain mesh and is hot-dip galvanised for longevity.

C7. Choosing a cantilevered gate design, the owners of this attractive residence have preserved the ingegrity of their lovely ashphalt driveway. No part of the automatic gate comes into contact with the surface on opening and closing.
Cantilevered industrial gate

C8. Photographed in our Petone yard before a 500 km road trip, this automatic cantilevered sliding gate was made to order for a remote industrial site. Read more about this gate here.
MAC cantilevered gate

C9. The MAC cantilevered automatic gate, made using pre-galvanised (Supergalv) steel that’s hot dipped after fabrication in a process saving considerable production time and cost.  The gate pictured was completed within a week from quoting to installation. An industrial  gate that has its place as a budget option.

C10. We installed this fully-automated Secura cantilevered gate at Precision Group’s headquarters in Wellington. The style and quality of the Secura gate and fence really stand out in this prominent road frontage position.